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Online Tutoring via Skype

Dear students/parents,

A couple years ago I researched technology that now allows me to tutor students online. All that the student needs is internet service at home, a computer or iPad, and a Skype account.

To create a Skype account, there is no cost; students simply download the free app here:

The student and I would connect on Skype, which will allow us to video-chat. Let’s say the student and I have to discuss a practice test. On my iPad I will summon up a pdf copy of the practice test. Then I will “ share my screen” with the student  so that he/she can view the exact same pdf file. As I explain a problem, I will use a digital pen to write directly onto my iPad. I will mark up the diagram of a geometry problem, say. Or, next to an algebra problem, I will work out, step-by-step, how to solve the equation. I can also mark up—underline key words—for a reading passage or a grammar question.  Through “ screen sharing,” the student will be able to see everything that I mark up on his/her computer or tablet.

I now have students from all over the world—as far as Beijing, China.  

Internet tutoring has many important benefits. 

Whenever there’s inclement weather, if the student is a bit sick, or if the student simply wants to save transportation time—internet tutoring is a convenient alternative to face-to-face tutoring. (Students might be able to save up to 1 hour of commuting time!) 

Also, during the holidays, whenever students go out of town for college visits, during snow days, during senior year, when students will have even less time to do SAT/ACT homework, internet tutoring is a life-saver.

Thank you for listening.

 Khoi Luu

Students, pls download the free app for your computer here:     © Khoi Luu 2015