Pairs Tutoring

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Pairs tutoring can be a cost-effecive, efficient way for students to gain benefits that are similar to those from private, 1-on-1 tutoring. Pairs tutoring works if all of the conditions are met:

1) The 2 students are well matched intellectually. The diagnostic scores—10th grade PSAT or PLAN or a more recent mock exam—of the pair should be within 5 points on every section on the PSAT and within 2 points on every section of the PLAN. 

2) The 2 students commit to a separate time outside of class (~ 1 hour) during  which they review their practice sections together, explaining to each other any easy or medium-diffulty questions that one person got corrrect but the other person did not. 

3)For pairs tutoring, I ask that parents block out and pay for 4 sessions in advance. After those 4 sessions are pre-booked, the class will proceed, even if one student cannot make the session.         © Khoi Luu 2020