Publications & Bibliography


·      “Peace,” first chapter of a novel-in-progress, in Best New American Voices 2003: Fiction by Today’s Most Innovative and Original New Writers. Published under pen name Dylan Tai Nguyen. Ed. Joyce Carol Oates. (Harcourt, 2002)

“Remembrances of Things Slapped,” a memoir about childhood, in Not a War: American-Vietnamese Fiction, Poetry, and Essays. Ed. Dan Duffy. (Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies, 1997)

·      “Boats,” fifth chapter of novel-in-progress, in Van Hoc, the premier literary journal of the Vietnamese Diaspora, Issue 25 (1996). Published under pen name Duy Khang. Vietnamese translation by Thach Han

“Legacies,” a short story, in Once Upon a Dream: The Vietnamese-American ExperienceEd. De Tran and Andrew Lam.  (Andrews and McMeel, 1995)

·      “A Heart of Sorrow?:  Exposing the Lighter Side of the Vietnamese-American Experience,” a memoir, in Vietnam Forum 14  (Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies, 1994).  Reprinted as “Family Ties” in Once Upon a Dream. Ed. De Tran and Andrew Lam.  (Andrews and McMeel, 1995)

·      “The White Dress,” a short story, in Century 21 (1995).  Vietnamese translation by Thach Han in Van Hoc, Issue 23 (1996)

 ·      “I Hate the Twist,” a humorous essay exploring the absurdities of assimilation, in VietNow, online magazine. (1995)


I.     One of 7 American authors—along with James McBride, Julia Alvarez, Leslie Namioka, Naomi Shibab Nye, Gish Jen, and others—whose works are included in a nationwide literature curriculum for middle-school students, developed by Annenberg Learner, PBS, and WNET. 

II.     Short stories and memoirs have been taught in college courses at the following universities: 

·      Yale
“Remembrances of Things Slapped” in Dan Duffy’s “Vietnamese Literature” course (1996)

·      University of Pennsylvania
“I Hate the Twist” in Partha Mazumdar’s “Asian Americans, the U.S. Media, and Popular Culture” (2001)

·      University of Massachusetts—Boston
“Remembrances of Things Slapped” in Esther Iwanaga’s “Asian-American Literature” (1996)
“I Hate the Twist” in Peter Kiang’s “Asian-American Studies” (1999) and Sunaina Maira’s “Asian-American Studies” (2000)

·      Matsuyama University (Japan)
“Legacies” in “Vietnamese-American Literature” (1996)

·      Hope College (Michigan)
“A Heart of Sorrow?” in a course called “American Studies:  Encounters with Cultures” (1998)

·      Loyola College (California)
“A Heart of Sorrow?” in “Introduction to American Studies” (1998)

Other Bibliography

·      Robert Templar, in Shadows and Wind: A View of Modern Vietnam (Penguin, 1998), pp. 318-9; 321.

·      Stanley Karnow, Pulitzer-Prize winning historian, forward to Once Upon a Dream (Andrews and McMeel, 1995)

·      Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, 1998.  Presentation proposal by Professor Renny Christopher, of California State University (Stanislaus): “Transgressive Humor in Recent Vietnamese-American Fiction: Andrew Lam and Khoi Luu”

·      The Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPIC) and  Using “Family Ties” as part of nationwide curriculum to prevent youth violence and to promote multiculturalism

IV. Reviews of
Best New American Voices 2003 that mention my story “Peace”:

·      Publishers Weekly (Nov 2002)

·      Kirkus Reviews (Oct 2002)

·      Richmond Times-Dispatch  (Oct 2002)


·      With Monique Truong and Barabara Tran, co-edited Watermark:  Vietnamese-American Poetry & Prose.  (Asian American Writers Workshop, 1998).

·      Teacher of American Literature, Fiction and Poetry, and Expository Writing.  Poly Prep Country Day School (Brooklyn). 1999-2004.

·      Instructor of Creative Writing, Boston University.  1995.     © Khoi Luu 2020