Homework #11—Due for 12th Class

Bring these handouts to Class
Diagnostic Test: Mixed SAT & ACT”

Yellows: Which Big 4 Strategy is It?
First review the notes for Each of the Big 4:
p. 2-6: Equation Solver
p. 22-24: Picking Numbers… When the answers have at least 1 variable
p. 81-87: The Visuals
p. 59-60: When To Backsolve

For each problem below, write down which Big 4 Strategy You Could Use: ES, PN, TV, or BS. Then solve the problem using that strategy.
p. 127E: 4
P. 127G: 2, 5
P. 127I 1, 2, 3

ACT A: Do the Grammar Section. Do only questions #61-75 (10 minutes)

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