Summer Class 2018 12 classes Homework 10

Homework #10—Due for 11th Class

In the Blue “Critical Reading” Handout
p. 26-28: Review notes on Going Hunting

Also review the 2 passages we discussed in class: p. 25F thru 25I

Practice Test Homework
1) ACT A: reading section. It comes third. 40 Q; 35 minutes

2) In the practice test whose front page says “Diagnostic Test: Mixed SAT & ACT”—Do the ACT Science Section. This page is 7 pages in, from the back. Before you start review the notes on the top of each of the 7 passages. Also, read the notes below.

Procedure for ACT Science

Pick Your Own Order: ___ Do “Single” Passages 1st             ___ Do the “Many Scientists” last

Read the introduction only and any important text. Don
t memorize all the info in the charts, graphs, or tables. Just dive in and start answering the questions

To find the answer: Circle key words / numbers in the question—and the answer choices. Always use the “Lazy Eye”!

IMPORTANT: Answer the questions in separate batches:
Singles:  Answer the questions for Figure 1; next, the questions for Figure 2. Then the questions that make you compare Figures 1 & 2. Answer last any “unspecifieds” (questions that don’t point to any Figure or Table)
“Many” Passages: Answer the questions in separate batches:
If there are 2 sections: Answer Exp 1 only questions first; then Exp 2 only; Both 1 & 2; unspecifieds last
If there are
3 sections: Answer 1 only; 2 only; 1 & 2; 3 only; 1 & 2; 1 & 3; All 3; unspecified 

“Many Scientists” Passage: pay careful attention to the summary statement, usually the first or last sentence in the introduction: this sentence tells you the issue that the scientists are disagreeing about. Example: “2 scientists debate whether human activities or other factors have caused global warming.”

Pacing: Singles (5Q) :                        3 to 3.5 min             

               Many Experiments (6Q):      5 min                          

               Many Scientists (7Q):           6 min                    © Khoi Luu 2015