Summer Class 2018 12 Classes Homework 7

Homework #7—Due for 8th Class


In the Blue “Critical Reading” Handout

p. 52: Read through all the vocab words. Notice that I put them into “synonym link” families. Put a star next to any words whose definitions you want to review again later

 Memorize These Straight Direction Words

  Furthermore, Moreover, In addition to, Additionally, Also, Next, What’s more, Besides

  Last = Finally

  Subsequently: “afterward in time”

  In other words = In short. Used to re-state, clarify, or summarize a previous assertion (& therefore emphasize it)

  Indeed has 2 different usages.
1) When used to confirm a previous assertion, indeed means “Truly” or “For sure”
Example: Before I started teaching you, I had a feeling that you’d be a fantastic student. Indeed, you’ve matched my expectations.
2) When used to introduce an additional—and stronger or more surprising point, indeed means “Here’s an interesting/surprising point:”
Example: Despite failing his first two quizzes, Drew changed his study habits and finished with an A-. Indeed, had he not done so poorly at the start, he might not have ended with such a good grade.

  Broadly speaking. Used to introduce a generalization or broad definition

● Similarly = Likewise = By the same token = Along those lines. Used to link 2 sentences that are analogous to each other. The 2 sentences must have 2 similar ideas—2 ideas that you can compare. The second sentence can NOT introduce a new ideas

Memorize These “Cause & Effect” Direction Words

  As a result; Since; Because; so; Due to


  Thus / Therefore



  Given that

  for: means because
The rain has been canceled, for it is raining out.

  For these reasons: means “Because of the above reasons,…”

  To this end: means “to achieve this goal”

Memorize These “Turning” Direction Words

  However; Yet; but;

  Although / Though / Even though

  Despite / In spite of

  Nonetheless / Nevertheless



  Even so: similar meaning to nonetheless

  Still: can mean however
: In this zoo the bears are cute and cuddly; still, you should exercise caution when you approach the cages.

  While: similar meaning to although
: While I’ll concede that some of your points are valid, I disagree with your central argument.

  At the same time = On the other hand: similar meaning to however
The Yankees are not my favorite team. At the same time, I want them to win the World Series because I hate the Dodgers.     © Khoi Luu 2015