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Answer Keys for all 8 SATS in the Official Blue SAT Study Guide Book:

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Print out & use the  SAT timetable & Scantron bubbles

Print out & use the ACT timetable & Scantron bubbles

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ACT Master List of Programs—Alphabetized

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10  PINK The most important formulas for the SAT Ranked 2020

Link to the Quizlet of the Most Important Math Formulas for the SAT: (Password:  LuuTutoring)

The Hardest Problems From Each Test in the Official “Blue” SAT book:

Grammar Review
1) Take the Direction Word Quiz:
Grade your quiz. Go back to pages 23-26 of your Green Grammar Packet, and highlight all the Direction Words that you got wrong on the quiz.
2) Review the Comprehensive Grammar Study. In class tell me which lessons you want to review and how many pages you were able to read through.  
1 GREEN  GRAMMAR Comprehensive Review Sheet & List of Assignments:

Yellow Math Big 4 Review
1) To review the Big 4, read notes and do the assignment labeled Fundamentals or Medium-Difficulty or Hard under the Homework section of this document:

2) Equation Solver Speed Quiz 1:

3 Calculator Lessons:

Mr. Luu's Condensed How To Manual for the Calculator:

How to Use Mr. Luu's Programs

14 ACT Science Folder:

ACT Science Hints & Strategies:

Act Science: Hints & Strategies—CONDENSED FORM:

ACT Science Outside Knowledge:

Hard Science Passages:

Curriculum: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Orange Packets
YELLOW BIG 4 Math Packet:

RED Math Packet:

Additional Math Handouts

Green Grammar Packet: 

Additional Grammar Handouts

SAT Reading Packet:

ACT Reading Packet:

Act Science: Hints & Strategies:

Act Science: Hints & Strategies—CONDENSED FORM:

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